Berlinogotá – A Dreamy Short Story On Film

Two cities, a film swap and it appears a fictitious story of a dreamy trip through two distant places, which merge into a world of their own. Have a look and experience the wondrous world of film swap stories.

sofa birds double exposure.jpg

As I follow my morning ritual, watching out of my cloud chair the three birds hanging on the pole like every day, I decide to visit Berlinogotá today. This place is wondrous and fascinating at the same time.

Right from home, my journey is making its way by tram – past cyclists and children on the side of the road waving at me, I arrive after some time at the central station of Berlinogotá, the sand-coloured shimmering glass-stone pyramids.

bogota houses.jpg

berlin tram double exposure.jpg

raindrops streetart double exposure.jpg

glass pyramids bogota.jpg

Through a window in the floor, I reach the street and stroll through the city, past the quaint architecture and the experiences and feelings associated with it. A gully cover opens the wonderful world of the local sweets and the side lane, “half world”, just behind the ghostly double state building. Here I discover interesting insights into the district of the half things.

street window double exposure.jpg

sweets double exposure.jpg

berlin bogota building double exposure.jpg

half world backyard double exposure.jpg

Of course, I can not resist talking to the friendly and interesting, very diverse inhabitants of the city. Especially with two I have interesting conversations – Scully, who works in a monster cabinet, and Björn, the royal guard of a historic building. Both of them recommend visiting the Neptune traffic light fountain; so I will pay a visit to this site, too, because the dome of the wonderful view, where I anyway planned to go, is not far away from the fountain.

monster cabinet berlin.jpg

berlin bear double eposure.jpg

traffic light neptun double exposure.jpg

berlin cityscape double exposure.jpg

Impressed by the view that the dome offers from the street – it’s odd how it makes you feeling to look at a projection, and yet it’s not – I’m indulged to go up. Once at the top, I step out on the terrace far outside the city and look down, where I just stood. It’s a strange place with its magical architecture. A glimpse into the clouds and you can see the city’s three skyguards – Jalion, the guardian of wisdom, Ginger, the guardian of bliss, and George, the keeper of courage. It is a truly wonderful experience to feel this peaceful city in harmony with itself and with everything surrounding it. Magical!

teufelsberg berlin cityscape.jpg

lion mural sky double exposure.jpg

mural tree double exposure.jpg

saint george sculpture sky.jpg

I get back to the city via the photo booth and I decide to make a detour through the streets between the wondrous buildings to get to the Facade Station. From here I decide to move back home as my day was eventful enough for today and I’m already longing again for my cloud chair and the dreams of magical journeys that arise in it – and, moreover, the birds are waiting for their dinner.

photoautomat building double exposure.jpg

sofa graffiti double exposure.jpg

berlin cathedrale wall double exposure.jpg

double exposure windows.jpg

art work sculpture double exposure.jpg

double exposure tram station.jpg

These photos are the result of a film swap between Melissa Martinez from Bogotá and me. They were double-exposed on a Lomography X-Pro 200 with a Nikon FM-2 and Zenit E and afterwards cross-processed in C-41.

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