Life Is But A Dream | A Collaboration with Antonio Castello

What is life but a constant sequence of dreams? How do we know whether we are dreaming or in reality? How can we tell the difference?

What is real in the mind of a person? Dreams, Visions & Illusions are as real as many situations of our daily life. This project wants to pursue the viewers to question their concept of reality.

Life is but a dream shows dream-like, partly surrealistic memories & moments. It explores the creation of alternative realities & perceptions of images through techniques of analogue photo-editing. Distinguishing itself from the digital world, this project uses analogue media to answer the question: How could we create an alternative reality?

Antonio Castello answers by applying acrylic & oil paint on a glass placed on top of a photograph, which allows to “edit” the image without touching the photo itself. The result makes the viewers questioning if the photo is indeed a photo, a digital image or a painting. The artist approaches “real” life with a photograph, and the dream world with colour paint. He’s manually creating a mixed world of reality & illusion.


Inspired by the process how a photograph appears through chemical reactions on film & photo paper,  Patrice Baunov answers with an idea of photographic painting with light & different techniques on a photographic emulsion. “Emulsion-editing” results in changes of its composition & structure. When exposed, it shows a reality transformation into blurry, colour-shifted, partly psychedelic images with abstract & surreal structures.

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