Born in the GDR and in the Soviet Union, nowadays we both are the descendants of these no longer existing countries – a generation “LOST”.


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Patrice Baunov

As a self-styled Visual Arthropologist I work as a documentary storyteller by a creative approach through analogue photography, which offers the opportunity to capture moments in a very special way by manual manipulation of the camera, film, developing process etc. With this media, I like to preserve and present my own perception of the world and to document the nowadays life, culture, architecture, nature, etc. through my photographic and artistic approach – either I sometimes display the “reality” or, like in most cases, my own world – my own universe which I see through the lens and which I create with every single action and analogue modification.


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Vera Baunova

As a studied Marketing Manager and a Designer I have always been seeking for a practical implementation of ideas. Idea is a powerful tool to manipulate Reality but its realisation is a Creation of Reality itself. I was born in the “crack” between the past and the future, in the country which no longer exists. I grew up with the values of the Old World but with technologies and morals of the New World and studied economy and capitalism to finally become a fine artist and designer. In myself I combine the qualities that are absolutely opposite to each other and I see myself as a compilation of reflections, reflections of all people I have ever met in my life. I am a very social creature, I literally live and breathe “through people” and my favorite kind are artists, people who see the world in other colors and from a different perspective. I enjoy working on projects with such people using my management and artistic skills and a creative mind to help the unique outstanding works to come to life. I can define myself as a Painter or a Designer but if to be completely honest I would call myself more a “Human Artist” because people are my main source of inspiration and an artistic media of my expression. For me the process is as important as the result and I believe that every day is the entry to the Story Book of Life so I try to make it as “vivid” as possible and capture the moments in my instant shots to be able to relive these moments in my memory in the future. “Happiness is only real when shared”. Amen (;